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Luxury Wax Melts

March 31, 2024

Wax melts are an eco-friendly alternative to candles that provide long-lasting fragrance and can be tailored specifically to meet individual preferences.

Select a fragrance that inspires you and transport you to an oasis of aromatic bliss. From soothing floral bouquets to invigorating citrus scents, there's sure to be a luxury wax melt to suit every mood and taste!

They are a safer alternative to traditional candles

Wax melts are an eco-friendly alternative to candles as they do not release soot into the air, which can irritate respiratory conditions in non-asthmatic people and discolor furniture, curtains, or walls. Furthermore, their long lasting fragrance allows you to reuse them again once its faded; helping promote less wastefulness while green living!

Luxury wax melts come in an assortment of scents and fragrances. Many contain essential oils for aromatherapy benefits like stress reduction and relaxation. Furthermore, these melts are made with all-natural ingredients such as soy or beeswax that do not use petroleum to produce products like paraffin wax does.

Wax melts are easy to use with either a candle warmer or electric wax warmer, simply place them inside and add a tea light or battery-operated electrical burner beneath - this heat causes the wax to slowly melt, releasing its fragrance.

They offer a variety of scents

Luxury wax melts offer an environmentally-friendly solution for creating an intoxicating scent in any environment, be it at home or when gifted as gifts. Crafted using a combination of essential oils and premium fragrance oils, their fragrance will last over 10 hours per melt!

Our non-GMO coconut creme wax melts are free from phthalates and come packaged in recyclable plastic packets with pre-moulded cubes that make breaking them off easy. A standard clamshell will provide over 144 hours of fragrance at just 2p per hour - our most cost-effective option!

Wax melts differ from traditional candles in that they don't use a wick to release their fragrance when heated over a warmer. Once finished, simply remove them from your burner and dispose of properly.

They are easy to use

Wax melts are an easy and efficient alternative to candles for adding fragrance into your home. Simply pop one into your candle warmer or electric melter, switch on, and enjoy its fragrance filling your space.

Mixing multiple scents to create more complex aromas is also possible; just be wary that different scents might clash - for instance floral scents may be overpowered by woody or citrus notes.

Wax melts should be swapped out once their fragrance begins to dissipate, which should happen around room temperature. You should then allow it to cool to room temperature before gently sliding it out of the wax burner dish for disposal and replacing with another fresh melt for continued scenting of your home. Wax melts are more affordable and safer alternatives to candles as they do not produce flames when in use.

They are affordable

Wax melts are an economical alternative to candles, providing up to five hours of fragrance per ounce of wax burned. Plus, their snap off cube design makes controlling how much scent is released easy! Furthermore, wax melts are safe to use around children as there's no flame involved - an added plus when considering household safety considerations.

Wax Melts are an amazing way to add vibrant aromas that both comfort and excite to any room in your home, at an extremely reasonable cost and with many adorable shapes and designs available.

Our melts are handmade using natural, non-GMO coconut creme wax that's non-GMO friendly and scented with premium fine fragrance oil derived without phthalates - ideal for tealight burners or electric wax warmers UL listed by UL listed. They make for the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, set the mood for special events, or simply indulge in fragrant bliss - an excellent alternative to candles, which produce harmful pollutants that emit into our environment.


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