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Luxury Safari Tents - Glamping in the Masai Mara

February 13, 2024

Safari travel under canvas can be truly magical; the earth seems closer, animal calls seem even more real, and stars seem even brighter! Yet modern safari tents differ drastically from what your grandparents may have experienced - modern glamping has come a long way since those days of orange nylon tents with mosquito netting!

Luxury tented camps today feature an array of luxurious amenities and comforts designed to make for an authentic yet refined stay. In fact, you may even find safari camps that rival some of the highest-end lodges when it comes to amenities.

Bateleur Camp, situated in Maasai Mara region where Out of Africa was shot, offers luxurious accommodations. Nestled amidst Acacia copses and riverine forest, its stylish tented suites provide complete seclusion amidst dense foliage; each features an inviting verandah complete with sizeable armchair for viewing sweeping vistas from within each suite. Inside each suite lies contemporary four-posters for extra comforts along with exquisite wood furniture pieces such as four poster beds carved by skilled woodcarvers; elegant bathrooms offer luxurious accommodations that includes dreamy open air showers to add that final luxurious touch of luxury!

Ngala Tented Camp offers similarly luxurious experiences in Timbavati Game Reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park, boasting stunning views from their main guest areas and providing stunning panoramas from their main guest areas. However, winter guests may find their tents cold during November-March months without an electric heater available to keep warm.


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