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Luxury Retirement Communities Near Me

March 27, 2024

luxury retirement communities near me

Luxury retirement communities are designed to feel luxurious and provide residents with exceptional care and hospitality. Amenities may include limousine and car service, concierge services and health screenings.

Senior living communities come at a steep cost, and may only appeal to those with substantial retirement savings or long-term care insurance policies.

1. Affordability

Many seniors dream of living in an ideal retirement community that provides them with an oasis of tranquility year-round, yet these communities come at a price. Unfortunately, not all seniors can afford them.

Luxury retirement communities across the US such as Vivante in California, The Clare in Chicago, and Sarasota Bay Club provide luxurious amenities at a premium cost - studio apartments at Vivante can cost up to $10,000 monthly for example!

These luxury communities feature various housing options including apartments, townhomes and condominiums. Furthermore, they feature amenities and services such as fine dining, Broadway-level theater performances, travel opportunities and fitness centers with swimming pools - as well as providing assisted living or memory care if necessary.

2. Convenience

Luxury retirement communities provide more than a place to reside; they also provide opportunities for learning, entertainment and participation in community activities.

The Apsley in Manhattan is the latest luxury senior living community that attracts active adults who don't wish to give up a luxurious lifestyle as they age. This life plan community features world-class resort amenities as well as luxury homes to give residents the retirement lifestyle of their dreams.

Inspir Carnegie Hill is a new high-rise retirement living option offering independent living, assisted living and memory care services in an elegant location on the Upper East Side. Their luxurious residences feature hand-blown chandeliers, white oak flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows. Five-star services such as concierge, housekeeping, limousine/car services and exceptional dining experiences round out this impressive facility.

3. Lifestyle

Luxury retirement communities boast luxurious living spaces and top-of-the-line senior services, along with lifestyle programs designed to promote four essential components of healthy aging: exercise, connection, nutrition and purpose.

As an example, residents at luxury independent living communities in New York City can easily join a walking club and visit Riverside Park; hop aboard a towncar to visit The Met or Lincoln Center; attend cultural classes or workshops on Upper West Side - these options all make life in luxury independent living communities easier!

Many communities also feature salons to keep residents looking their best during their time at the community. Many go even further by providing manicures, pedicures and massage therapy services on site.

4. Security

Luxury retirement communities tend to be highly-staffed, particularly those offering independent living. Life plan communities, on the other hand, often include assisted living services like assisted living and memory care as part of a continuum of care that includes skilled nursing. According to Bandklayder's research, staffing should meet or surpass state minimum standards for such services.

These communities often boast gorgeous green spaces replete with winding walking paths for relaxation and health benefits, another way of maintaining physical and mental wellness. Furthermore, many luxury senior living facilities provide numerous activities designed to stimulate the mind while pleasing the senses.

To ensure an attractive retirement community, the host city or town must also boast an excellent reputation, culture and amenities such as restaurants, shopping, museums or other attractions that enrich lives. This may include restaurants, shopping or museums which will help to enrich lives of you and your loved ones.

5. Health Care

Luxury retirement communities typically provide a range of care services for residents, from independent living, assisted living and memory care. Residents in need can also receive top-tier medical attention on-site with private physician suites and urgent care facilities available on-site.

Senior care facilities also provide seniors with a more stimulating lifestyle that can aid in keeping them healthy. Activities such as book clubs, movie nights and curated libraries help promote intellectual and aesthetic discovery; lectures from experts spur curiosity while various entertainment experiences like ballets, concerts and award shows engage all five senses.

When visiting luxury senior living communities, make sure to inquire about their staff and training. Be sure they're qualified to meet your health care needs, particularly if skilled nursing or memory care is required. Also inquire as to whether your current or planned long-term care insurance covers these communities.


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