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Luxury Adventure Vacations

March 9, 2024

From soaring over breathtaking landscapes in a hot air balloon to snorkelling the vibrant depths of the ocean, these luxury adventure vacations provide heart-racing escapades and unparalleled comfort. Each itinerary is carefully created to cater to your spirit of discovery; therefore, guaranteeing that each trip is uniquely curated to you and tailored specifically for you.

Jacada Travel's Ultimate Australia Journey combines hiking with stays at Longitude 131deg, a luxury desert camp located amid Uluru's red sands (where you'll be able to view Field of Light installation with its 50,000 glowing orbs), Arvidsjaur (ice driving on frozen roads) and Hotel Silverhatten's spa for relaxation after each adrenaline-inducing activity.

Experience Thai elephant riding at a luxury tented lodge and take part in a Caravaggio-inspired one-on-one painting class; climb a volcanic peak in Iceland; spot Big Five animals in Botswana's private reserves - these adventures await.

And if you prefer something less strenuous, we offer hikes paired with beach or city breaks for added relaxation. Explore Vietnam's lush islands and limestone cliffs by boat on an old junk restored junk, cruise along the Mekong River visiting rural villages and historic pagodas and even leave love messages in bottles on remote Mexican beaches as part of this new era of luxury adventure travel which marries discovery with sustainable practices redefining what it means to go beyond ordinary travel experiences.


I enjoy designing and curating experiences both virtually and in 3-dimensional reality.
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