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Laura Vitale in the Kitchen

March 8, 2024

At age 12, Laura Vitale left Naples for America, relieving homesickness by cooking endless pots of her nonna's sauce. When her father's pizzerias closed down, the New Jersey chef turned to YouTube as an avenue to share these family recipes with a wider audience - and now over 3.8 million subscribers tune in regularly to see her produce unpretentious Italian-American dishes from her suburban basement kitchen.

Now an author, Vitale--also known as "pizza man's daughter"--shares her favorite easy recipes in The Art of Simple Italian-American Cuisine. We sat down with Vitale in her kitchen to learn more about who lies behind--and in front--of the camera.

Joe encouraged Laura Sfogilatella to produce videos so she could demonstrate how to saute, fry and bake food. Her first video wasn't successful but as time progressed so did her success with each subsequent one; according to The Philadelphia Inquirer "the videos got better and better. It was like a snowball effect."

Laura uses her freezer as an indispensable resource, stocking it with ingredients she can quickly reheat and mix, such as pickled and marinated veggies and olives, as well as Dr. Oetker Virtuoso pepperoni pesto frozen pizzas if she's too tired to cook - that way when she needs an easy meal that makes her feel good she'll have some available!


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