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Kitchen Tile Flooring - A Versatile and Durable Choice For Kitchens

March 28, 2024

kitchen tile flooring

Tile flooring is an economical and attractive solution for kitchens. Easy to maintain and available in numerous styles, it provides endless design opportunities.

Consider your lifestyle and cooking habits when selecting floor tiles. Harder tiles tend to be more resistant to scratches and dents, but may become uncomfortable after prolonged standing periods. Also look for water-resistant options so as to minimize moisture spillage and flooding issues.


Ceramic is one of the most adaptable tile materials, offering kitchen floors an array of stylish options in terms of colors, patterns and faux finishes.

Maintaining this material is simple, with just occasional damp mopping required and sealing of grout joints requiring sealant sealant as required. Furthermore, this material can withstand physical damage.

Ceramic tiles can be painted or left unglazed for a more earthy aesthetic, while texturised ceramics provide grip to reduce risk of slipperiness in wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Many manufacturers also produce ceramic tile designs intended to mimic natural materials like wood or marble. Porcelain offers higher moisture resistance due to its dense clay composition and through-body construction.


Porcelain tiles are ideal for high traffic areas like the kitchen, as they're harder and denser than ceramics and feature lower water absorption rates while being less likely to chip or scratch than their ceramic counterparts.

Hunker advises selecting through-body porcelain tiles without wear layers for best results, which make damage less apparent and enable you to keep the flooring looking fantastic over time. This type of material also makes repairs simpler so your floor continues to look brand new for years.

Due to porcelain's unique setting material requirements, hiring professional installers for this project is necessary. However, their costs are well worth your while if you want a unique combination of design flexibility and product quality within your new kitchen.


Natural stone flooring is currently one of the hottest trends, providing hardwearing support to your kitchen design scheme and adding value to a property.

Harder stones like granite and sandstone will be more resilient against spillages and can tolerate mild acidic cleaning solutions, while softer stones such as travertine and limestone require different cleaning procedures.

Unglazed stone tiles can be an easy surface to keep clean with proper care, however they can absorb liquids and stain easily if left unsealed. Therefore, it is wise to seal these floors immediately upon their installation to preserve the longevity and maintain appearance.


Tile is a durable material that can withstand high foot traffic and different kitchen floor cleaning methods, including its smooth surface that repels liquids better than wood and hides stains more effectively than most wood types - an excellent option for pet-owning homeowners looking for kitchen flooring options.

Wood-look tile is a traditional type of ceramic that depicts realistic wood designs. Available in various natural tones and styles, including plank shapes that provide an authentic hardwood appearance, it comes in all varieties to meet every decor style and taste.

Smooth textures fit a modern-contemporary aesthetic while wire-brushed and hand-scraped textures feature knots, dents, scrapes and other rustic features for an organic touch. Some textures even boast embossed effects for added drama!


White kitchens can feel cold and clinical, while a concrete-effect floor adds warmth to the space. A grey, poured finish with metallic rust brown or carbon flecks provides an industrial-style vibe when combined with warm beige cabinets and worktops.

Concrete-look LVTs are highly resilient and resistant to scratching, scuffing, water damage and staining; making them a smart choice for kitchens where spills and splashes may pose a constant danger.

As with concrete, cement floor tiles can be tailored with various stains and coatings for a truly personalized look. Majola-Moropane recommends choosing earth tones or grey hues that pair well with steel accent plates, reclaimed wood flooring or materials with an industrial aesthetic in the room. Customization possibilities also include adding patterns, cutouts or engraving for an altogether unique appearance.


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