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Kitchen Clocks - A Roundup of Inspiring Choices

March 23, 2024

Remodeling a kitchen takes both time and money - not to mention decision fatigue! Between cupboards, fixtures, tiles and paint colors it can become dauntingly overwhelming; we are here to ease that burden with our selection of inspired kitchen clocks!

As any chef knows, timing is of the utmost importance when creating delicious meals. From baking pies and simmering beans to stewing meatballs or creating vegan desserts, having a timer handy is essential to ensuring everything turns out exactly how it should. But with countless styles, designs, and options to choose from when finding the ideal kitchen timer can be tricky.

There is an array of kitchen timer options to select from--both traditional analog and digital models with various features suited to suit different cooking tasks. No matter your preferences or individual requirements, there's sure to be one perfect for you!

An analog kitchen timer is simple and straightforward to use, featuring a clear display and loud alarm that alerts you when your specified cooking window has passed. Some models also include features like count-up/count-down features and clock displays. Meanwhile, digital kitchen timers offer more personalized experiences - tracking multiple projects simultaneously while enabling preset timing options for future uses.

No matter which kitchen timer you opt for, it is essential to consider its size and portability when making your selection. Small palm-sized models are easily pocket- or apron-friendly while larger timers with interleaved wheels communicate remaining time clearly through bright red illumination making them easily visible from across the room.

As part of your search for a kitchen timer, another consideration should be its alarm volume and whether or not it can be disabled or silenced. Unexpectedly loud alarms may lead to accidental burns or broken dishware, so you should look for models offering adjustable volume settings or the option for silent mode.

Once again, it's essential to consider how your kitchen clock will integrate with the rest of your decor scheme. A statement-making clock can serve as a focal point in an open plan space or simply be an additional accent piece that complements existing decor. A sleek black model can add dramatic contrast against white cabinets or help ground lighter units--like this Scandi-inspired room from @blackshorestyle does. Or opt for matte grey clock that matches well with on-trend metals and finishes, such as gold brass accents found throughout this space from The Shaker Kitchen Company.


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