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Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2023

March 28, 2024

kitchen cabinet colors 2023

Are You Wanting to Transform Your Kitchen Into an Energizing Gathering Place? Key Design Decisions Could Make an Impactful Impact

Here we present the newest trends to help you decide the best way to revamp your cooking area.

Navy Blue

Blue is an ageless cabinet color choice, lending itself perfectly to bold or subtle statements, depending on its application. Reminiscent of nature like skies and seascapes, blue can transform a kitchen into an instantly relaxing gathering space.

Light blue hues like Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light or SW Rain are ideal for creating an airy and bright environment in their home, while at the same time creating a modern and sophisticated vibe when combined with white walls and countertops.

Sherwin Williams Naval or Indigo Blue offers an eye-catching option that is both moody and sophisticated; this hue sits between navy and purple hues and can add drama or stately grace to any room it occupies. Experiment with it on countertops, backsplashes and flooring in your kitchen before choosing it as the final color choice.


Beige kitchen cabinets create an understated and sophisticated aesthetic, pairing well with various countertops, backsplashes and hardware finishes. Light shades such as Creamy Mushroom by Behr or Sherwin-Williams Kilim Beige convey warmth and luxury that complement both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Natural hues inspired by nature are a trendy kitchen trend this year for homeowners who wish to revamp their space. Peaceful green and blue tones exude admiration of nature while complementing both more classic themes as well.

Darker shades of green such as Studio Green by Farrow & Ball or Sherwin-Williams Greenblack have become increasingly popular for homeowners looking to make an impressionful statement with their kitchen cabinet colors. Darker hues create an air of mystery while being easy to pair with different accent colors, giving homeowners more options in customizing their kitchen to meet individual style preferences.

Black Wood

For those who appreciate simplicity, solid black is an attractive choice that works beautifully in modern kitchens. Its subtle hues create striking contrasts when used alongside white backsplashes or quartz countertops.

Dark woods pair perfectly with other earth tones to create an eye-catching and luxurious aesthetic in your home. Additionally, they can enhance natural wood accents and metallic finishes common to contemporary designs.

Warm taupe will remain an increasingly popular neutral hue in 2023. It works well with an array of materials such as marble countertops and brushed bronze hardware; additionally, butcher block countertops add rustic charm.

Warm Shades of Brown

Warm shades of brown offer an alternative for those not quite ready to commit to an all-white kitchen, providing an inviting and comforting aesthetic. Options like Tanner's Brown (a rich chocolatey hue that brings luxuriousness and coziness); Mountain River (deep reddish brown that complements variegated stone); or Daydream (mossy green hue), provide soothing yet refreshing interior design options.

Nature inspired colors remain at the forefront of kitchen color trends for 2023, with more dramatic options like Peppercorn and Iron Ore gaining in popularity. These striking hues provide a captivating aesthetic while still remaining neutral enough for use in any setting.

Two-Toned Cabinets

As homeowners begin to opt for more personal touches in their kitchen design choices, two-toned cabinets offer one such solution. This kitchen design trend pairs neutral shades with bolder hues or natural wood finishes for an eye-catching yet balanced appearance.

Behr's Blank Canvas provides an ideal base color for kitchen cabinets. This neutral shade pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances and decorative backsplashes.

Earthy hues such as Sherwin-Williams Redend Point and PPG & Glidden Vining Ivy make for striking accent colors in an open kitchen space, adding life and vibrancy. Plus, these earthy shades pair beautifully with natural textures like stone, wood and leather - adding dimension while simultaneously drawing focus away from any potential problems in design.


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