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How to Spell Kitchen

March 21, 2024

Kitchen can be an elusive word to master for culinary enthusiasts, home decor bloggers or anyone with an eye for spelling accuracy - but with some practice you'll soon become adept.

Discover the proper way to spell "kitchen" with this helpful article, and start cooking like a pro in no time! Furthermore, understanding its etymology will allow you to connect the word to its roots and appreciate why its spelling may seem odd at times.

Kitchens are rooms in any house or other building where food is prepared and cooked, usually using an array of appliances such as stove, sink and refrigerator - and often microwave ovens, blenders and other electrical gadgets as well. Although the heart of every home, the kitchen can often become the source of chaos due to being disorganized.


People frequently misinterpret "kitchenette" as "kitchen," but there's a distinct distinction. A kitchenette refers to a smaller cooking space without all of the amenities of a full kitchen - for instance, having only a refrigerator but no oven or dishwasher - such as in hotels, efficiency apartments or mother-in-law suites.

How to Spell Kitchenette

To pronounce "kitchenette," begin by pronouncing its first syllable: "kitch-en." For added emphasis and easier memorization, repeating it two or three times will also work well - this technique makes the second syllable stand out more.

Once you know a word, practice writing it out regularly until it becomes second nature. Additionally, this will strengthen the link between yourself and it so it is easier for you to recall later when needed. Don't be intimidated to take out pen and paper weekly in order to write out that word - this may just help your spelling!


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