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How to Organize Your Linen Closet

June 6, 2023

An unorganized linen closet can quickly become disorganized, as fitted sheets start falling from their neat squares and stacks of towels topple over. But you can control this chaos with careful organization.

Start by emptying out your linen closet to get an overview of what's there. Next, use shelf dividers to organize items by size--washcloths and towels should be separated using shelf dividers--then label or color code shelves as an effective strategy.

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Linen closets can quickly become cluttered spaces if left unsecured and disorganized, with everything from extra shampoo or conditioner bottles to unopened bedding sets being stored therein. Such chaotic storing practices often result in overstuffed shelves and frustration - so to assess its state, begin by clearing everything out from within it all at once.

Sorting items together by like can help reduce clutter and make finding what you need easier. Label or color code the shelves to further increase ease - for instance if there are multiple beds in your home (for instance 'Joe's bed' and 'guest towels'), labelling and color-coding them will be even more helpful!

Baskets are another fantastic solution when organizing a linen closet as they help conceal chaos while keeping items under control. Experts advise selecting ones that can fit neatly onto shelves to reduce visual clutter.

Label or color-code the shelves

Label or color-coding shelves is an effective way of keeping linens organized, as they help prevent them from getting mixed up with one another.

Labels come in various forms - adhesive tabs, paper strips or slips of tape can all serve to keep things tidy in your linen closet by labeling what needs to be marked off and keeping things in their places. Once applied, they should stay put, reducing any needless searching in there.

Use bins and baskets to make your linen closet function more efficiently. Clear bins make it easy to locate what you're searching for while fitting perfectly into the tight spaces of a linen closet. Furthermore, bins maximize shelf space; use them on the back of closet doors to store extra pillowcases, makeup or any other items that don't easily fit in drawers or onto shelves.

Keep a list of items that are running low

Many homeowners use linen closets to store extra soaps and shampoos in clear containers so they can see at a glance what they already own and avoid buying duplicates.

Baskets and bins make an excellent linen closet storage solution, available in different shapes and sizes and made of either metal or wicker materials. A common color scheme will keep your closet looking uniform - choose plastic bins in complementary hues or wicker baskets lined with matching material lining for best results.

Once your sorting is complete, it is advisable to create a list of items you have used up or are running low on. That way, when replenishment becomes necessary you'll know which ones need replenishing and when. Keep these lists handy in your linen closet so that they are easy to access when required.

Use baskets and bins

The linen closet is an ideal space to store supplies like cotton balls, soap, and laundry detergent. Clear containers help organize similar items together for easier identification when you need to restock. Baskets also make an effective storage option that promotes orderliness.

Invest in pull-out drawers if your linen closet is deep - these will quickly increase functionality and value to the space.

If your space doesn't accommodate for a pull-out drawer, try stackable bins under your shelves to maximize vertical space and easily access what you need without unrolling everything first. These steps are easy to implement and will transform your linen closet into a functional and organized area.

Keep it tidy

Once your linen closet is organized and everything in its place, it is crucial that it remain neat. Doing this will make finding items much simpler for both yourself and anyone else who might use the closet.

Dividers provide an efficient way to organize sheets, towels and blankets into distinct zones in the closet and keep everything stacked neatly away.

Remove items that have become stained, torn, or otherwise no longer in good condition from your linen closet. This is especially important if your linen closet contains sentimental items of family heirloom or value that have become stained, torn, or stained over time. Reduce rummaging by restricting access to top shelves by keeping a stool nearby; this will prevent you from making a mess when trying to reach hard-to-reach items.


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