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How to Find the Best Kitten Food

March 19, 2024

Your kitten requires the nutrients for healthy development in order to thrive and flourish, including protein from animal sources, essential vitamins and minerals, and foods without artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers that could harm them. With our top picks of kitten food you can ensure your kitten receives all they require to thrive!

Kittens are obligate carnivores who must obtain essential amino acids from animal proteins. Meat protein sources contain ample taurine for proper heart, vision, immunity and digestion functions. Although manufacturers add plant-based ingredients to enhance protein levels in products for cats, this tends to make digestibility worse which requires extra energy from both you and your cat to break it down and absorb.

Find the ideal kitten food by opting for a variety that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Kittens require plenty of calories for their growth, yet too many carbohydrates may lead to weight gain and digestive issues; too much moisture in kibble or canned foods could even lead to urinary tract issues in young cats.

Top-rated dry kitten foods feature high levels of protein and low carbs to provide your feline with all of the essentials for growth. Many government departments and AAFCO have approved these foods, demonstrating that they have been carefully designed and tested to be sure that your kitten receives sufficient nourishment from its diet.

These foods also include essential fatty acids like olive oil and flaxseed that provide essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Many also feature DHA, an omega fatty acid known to aid cognitive development in kittens. Finally, all these products are grain-free with no artificial colors or flavors added.

Some kittens prefer wet food, and these options feature soft pate textures that make weaning easier when first transitioning away from milk. Popular choices for weaning off milk include Wellness CORE Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate and Cat Person Chicken Shreds in Broth; both options have undergone AAFCO clinical feeding trials to verify they provide complete and balanced nutrition to kittens.

Other options for wet kitten food are Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Wet Food and Purina ONE Salmon & Ocean Fish Entree, both of which received top ratings from Cat Food Advisor and are grain-free with no carrageenan or gluten. Furthermore, both options provide DHA as well as other nutrients essential to cognitive development in cats.



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