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How to Burn Copal Incense

January 30, 2023

Copal is a type of incense that was used by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. It is a resin made from the sap of certain trees in South and Central America. Among the most well known types of resin are myrh, frankincense, and copal.

Copal has many healing properties. For example, it can relieve stress and depression, clear crystals, and clean the auric body. Copal is also used for a variety of spiritual purposes. In fact, its scent and powerful effects on the central nervous system have been linked to its use in religious ceremonies. During a meditation session, it can help to open the mind to a higher level of awareness. Moreover, it can assist in unblocking the root chakra, which is responsible for resilience and security.

The ancients used copal to purify their bodies and to heal. They believed that it could create a connection between the spirit world and the physical world. This, in turn, allows them to experience a better perception of life.

Copal has a clean, woody scent that is reminiscent of turpentine. When it is burned, the resin releases an aromatic smoke that carries messages to the spirit world. Many Native American tribes burn copal in sweat lodges to cleanse and heal. Similarly, modern communities in both Mexico and the U.S. use it in private sessions with healers.

While there is no expiration date on the resin, it should be kept in a safe place away from children. It is best to dry the resin out before burning. Also, do not forget to extinguish the copal with cool water.

In addition to its healing properties, copal is also a powerful way to cleanse the room or object where it is being used. Copal incense is commonly used during Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. It has a powerful impact on the central nervous system, and is therefore effective in clearing and rebalancing energy.

To burn copal incense, you'll need a container of copal. A few drops can be placed in a charcoal disk and set on the burner. You can also use a lighter or a charcoal puck. These come in a tube-like pack and can be purchased at incense stores.

Once the resin has been burned, it will begin to produce white smoke. You can also place a feather fan near the embers to encourage the smoke to rise. Lastly, you can offer the ashes to someone else.

To perform a copal burn, you'll need to select a tree with a strong and healthy trunk. Traditionally, the Buresa family tree is the type of tree that produces copal. If you don't have a tree, you can purchase it from incense stores or online.

Before starting a copal burn, make sure that the area is completely free of clutter and negative energy. To do this, you may want to clean out cupboards, drawers, and all the corners of the room. Clearing yourself can also include making crosses in your head and pelvic area.


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