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Hide a Key: 10 Clever Ways to Keep Your Spare Key Secure

December 8, 2023

Plant Pot

One clever way to hide a spare key is by placing it in a weatherproof container at the bottom of a plant pot. This way, it's easily accessible to you, but hidden from anyone who doesn't know it's there.


There are plenty of realistic-looking fake rocks available that have a hollow interior perfect for storing a spare key. Simply place the rock strategically in your garden or yard for easy access.


Use a decorative birdhouse with a hidden compartment to keep your spare key secure. This will blend in seamlessly with your outdoor d├ęcor while providing a discreet hiding spot.


An outdoor sprinkler head with a hidden compartment can be a great option for hiding your spare key. Just make sure to choose a location that won't raise suspicion.

Underneath a Dog House

If you have a dog house in your backyard, consider taping a spare key underneath it. This is a clever and unexpected spot that intruders are unlikely to check.

Inside a Fake Drain

You can purchase fake drain rocks with hollow interiors, making them perfect for hiding spare keys. Place it within your rock bed or garden for a subtle hiding spot.


A classic hiding spot, but still effective if done right. Instead of placing the key directly under the doormat, consider getting a doormat with a hidden compartment to keep the key secure.


Consider getting a lockbox with a combination or key lock to store your spare key. You can attach it to a secure location on your property and rest easy knowing your key is safe.

Fence Post

If you have a wooden or metal fence, you can hollow out a small section of a fence post to store a spare key. Just make sure it's not easily visible to passersby.

Vintage Container

Repurpose a vintage container with a hidden compartment to store your spare key. This could be an antique tin, a decorative box, or any other inconspicuous container that suits your style.

10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

Anna Petrova

Anna Petrova is an esteemed lead editor, where she explores the nexus of modern design, urban living, and sustainability.
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