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Hell's Kitchen Minneapolis

March 2, 2024

Hell's Kitchen Minneapolis is an American-style restaurant known for their famous Juicy Lucifer Burger which comes complete with melted cheese in its center! Hell's Kitchen Minneapolis is also a popular stop among sports fans traveling to Minneapolis for Vikings, Twins or Timberwolves games.

Cyn Gerdes opened Cyn's Cafe in 2002. More recently, she transferred ownership of her business via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.


Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis offers an eclectic dining experience that is both entertaining and imaginative. Situated right next door to Foshay Tower, it boasts an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner alike - but we think they are best known for their amazing breakfast! Be sure to arrive early as their wait times range between 30-60 minutes for this particular service!

Breakfast options at The Breakfast Co. include delicious lemon ricotta hotcakes, cornmeal pancakes and huevos rancheros - along with various omelets such as an egg white-bacon combo omelet or their plant-based one made up of eggs, veggies, scallions and avocado. Plus there's delicious coffee, strawberry lemonade or craft beer on offer too.

Starting their restaurant business was no easy feat back in 2002. Their founders took an enormous risk and sold all their possessions in order to pursue their dream of owning an eatery! On January 1, 2020 they made it official by turning it over entirely via employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), meaning every server, host, cook and expo now own a piece of this amazing establishment!

Happy Hour

Quirky employee-owned American restaurant located in an elegant underground space. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Be sure to stop in between 3:30-6pm Monday-Friday for Happy Hour with drink and appetizer specials available during that time period.

Ramsay will evaluate each participant based on his observations as well as input from diners and guest judges; at the conclusion of each show, one chef is chosen as the champion and given an opportunity to work as head or executive chef at their choice of restaurant.

Restaurant 24 is a favorite among both tourists and locals, and its proximity to the Theater District makes it an ideal place for pre-show dining or post-work relaxation. Their diverse menu offers dishes like lemon ricotta hotcakes, cornmeal waffles and huevos rancheros; vegetarian options also available such as mushroom-spinach dishes that must not be missed!


Though open for three meals each day and offering some amazing items for dinner, breakfast here truly shines as the star attraction. Their lemon ricotta hotcakes, cornmeal waffles and huevos rancheros are truly mouthwatering; also be sure to try their fantastic breakfast burrito featuring rosti potatoes, eggs, salsa and cheeses wrapped up into a flour tortilla wrapper; this must-visit for anyone visiting Minneapolis!

Find a table here early to avoid long wait times of 30-60 minutes; for rush orders consider takeaway instead.

Hell's Kitchen is an iconic Minneapolis restaurant and one of the go-to spots for sports fans traveling to Minnesota for Minnesota Vikings, Twins or Timberwolves games. Established by Mitch Omer, Cyn and Steve in 2002 with no prior plan, Hell's Kitchen went against conventional wisdom by turning over ownership of the business via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan to its employees on January 1, 2020 so all 91 staff including dishwashers, cooks, managers, hosts and servers could own part of Hell's Kitchen.


After Mitch Omer passed away in 2015, Cyn Gerdes decided to turn Hell's Kitchen into an employee-owned restaurant under an ESOP plan (meaning all employees can buy out founders using their own money). Angel Food Bakery will operate similarly to an elementary school cafeteria with trays sliding along a line and staff wearing aprons delivering food along with breakfast sandwiches, dessert bars and a grab-and-go TV dinner section.

At home-baked treats include homemade marmalade, berry preserves, old-fashioned hot chocolate and roasted peanut butter that you can smell roasting from the kitchen. We especially love mini lemon ricotta pancakes, cornmeal waffles and huevos rancheros made with rosti potatoes filled with eggs, cheeses and either pit ham, bacon or discs of savory bison sausage for breakfast!


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