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Heather and Terry Dubrow Buy the Dubrow House in Beverly Hills

March 16, 2024

Heather and Terry Dubrow recently sold the iconic Dubrow Chateau in Orange County for $55 million, allowing them to expand their real estate holdings in Los Angeles. Botched stars Heather and Terry Dubrow recently closed a deal to purchase late filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis's 8.2-acre Beverly Hills mansion of 9,000 square feet that sits on 8.2 acres - their latest acquisition joining Roberto Cavalli-designed penthouse purchased in Century City back in 2022 as well as maintaining their Orange County residence for filming The Real Housewives of Orange County filming commitment.

Heather, 52, and Terry, 63, are known for being extravagant home buyers. In 2022 they sold their mansion in Newport Beach for an astounding $16 million with amenities like a movie theater, designer shoe closet and more.

Real estate moguls have yet to reveal what their new abode will look like, but according to ET a source has indicated they plan on carrying out extensive renovations to create their signature style in this prime spot with views of Beverly Hills skyline and offering both swimming pool and gym access.

Inside of the property is a spacious living room featuring a brown leather couch and two chairs centered around a television set, along with a wood-burning fireplace, dining room table seating eight, an open kitchen featuring white cabinets with marble countertops and built-in trough for casual entertaining with ice, stick caviar or champagne for informal events, white cabinets with oak veneer trim and marble countertops, all within close proximity to each other.

There are also several bedrooms in this home, with the master bedroom serving as its centerpiece. Filled with natural light from its many windows and featuring chrome accents throughout, it still feels intimate thanks to layered textures and patterned carpets that create cozy nooks within this massive room.

Another room of this home is its media room, featuring a large brown leather couch and two chairs surrounded by two television sets centered around a marble table. There's also a wet bar, wine cellar and home office where Heather records her podcast 'Let's Talk.'

Home is also equipped with other amenities that could prove handy, including a garage that could double as parking, home gym and laundry room. Though it remains to be determined whether RHOC scenes will be shot there, more space allows more possibilities if necessary.

Although Heather and Terry's new home location remains unclear in terms of area codes, she recently told ET that having two homes doesn't signify they'll leave The Real Housewives of Orange County. You can watch their new residence when it airs this Wednesday at 8 pm on Bravo.


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