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Grease Filming Locations

June 6, 2023

"Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" likely conjures images of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease. Filmed across various locations from real high schools to studio backlots, this hit movie brought joyous musical fun.

Some of the most memorable scenes were shot at Venice High School, which also served as Rydell High.

The Drive-In Theater

Grease is a classic film about high school life in 1950s America. Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as Sandy and Danny respectively - two individuals with divergent perspectives yet who fall deeply in love - the film became a box office success upon its initial release and remains beloved decades later.

Grease is best remembered for the unforgettable drive-in theater scene. Danny takes Sandy there in order to apologize for his unruly behaviour at school; but their romantic evening doesn't exactly go according to plan.

Scenes were shot at the Pickwick Drive-In Theater located at 4524 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles; however, this theater has since closed down and been converted into a private home. Frosty Palace was shot at Paramount Pictures located at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA.

The Diner

Grease was an instant classic when it first premiered in 1978. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John mesmerized audiences with their summer romance that evolved into something deeper during senior year of high school. The film's 50s aesthetic and catchy musical numbers quickly made it one of the biggest hits of that year.

Paramount+'s new Grease prequel series launches today, so to commemorate this event Paramount+ is hosting a two-day-only Frosty Palace pop-up featuring 1950s music and decor, photo moments, and unique twists on familiar diner fare. Participants of Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies will also receive special merchandise. This experience takes place Thursday and Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. at Mel's Drive-In in West Hollywood - tickets can be purchased here. Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies will premiere online April 6. Subscribers in the United States and Canada will have access to it on Paramount+'s release date; those in other regions, including UK, Latin America, Germany Austria Switzerland Italy can gain access on its second day.

Venice High School

Randal Kleiser utilized a mixture of on-location filming and Paramount studio sets when making Grease, unlike West Side Story which relied heavily on location shoots. Rydell High School became perhaps its most iconic location.

High school campuses have served as the setting for numerous films, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Matchstick Men. Furthermore, music videos such as Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time" also make use of them.

Today, this school serves as a magnet for students from throughout Los Angeles. It includes the Media, Arts & Technology Academy; Dual Language Academy and School for Advanced Studies - three distinct academies designed to foster innovation, academic excellence and student achievement. Established on the west side of Los Angeles since 1911 and known for fostering innovation as well as student achievement; its alumni include NASA astronauts as well as founders of In N Out Burger. Their mascot is called Gondoliers!

Huntington Park High School

Grease is an iconic classic film featuring catchy tunes, dance numbers and memorable characters; featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's incredible onscreen chemistry as leads. Released in 1978, this timeless flick remains one of the most beloved cinematic works ever.

Beginning scenes for this film were shot at Venice High School, serving as Rydell High's exterior setting; most interior shots were then captured at Huntington Park High School located in Huntington Park in California.

This school features several rooms that have been utilized for filming, including an old auto shop that was transformed into a diner for "You're the One That I Want". Furthermore, their large auditorium served as the venue for the National Bandstand dance-off scene in the film. Publicly run, with a student:teacher ratio of 22:1, this predominantly Hispanic school can be found online here. For more information visit their website here.


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