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France Uncovered: Indulging in Luxury Travel Beyond Paris

March 4, 2023

France is known for its culture, architecture, exquisite cuisine, fashion, and luxury travel. But it's not just all about Paris. France has many hidden jewels that offer equally, if not more, stunning landscapes and indulgent experiences, from the Riviera beaches to the Loire Valley castles. In this article, we will uncover some of France's lesser-known areas that offer luxury travel.

Heading 1: The French Riviera: Luxury on the Mediterranean Coast
When people think of the French Riviera, they typically think of the glitz and glamour of Saint Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco. But, these cities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to luxurious travel. There are hidden gems on the Riviera like Saint-Paul-de-Venice, Grasse, and Eze that offer an equally opulent holiday experience.
Saint-Paul-de-Venice is a picturesque medieval town surrounded by ramparts, narrow lanes and steep stairs, and is filled with art galleries and restaurants that serve exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Grasse is the perfume capital of the world and home to some of the most talked-about perfumeries such as the Fragonard and Galimard, where you can create your own bespoke fragrance. Eze is a hilltop village overlooking the Mediterranean, offering stunning panoramic views of the coast.

Heading 2: Burgundy: Fine Wine and Chic Chateau Stays
Burgundy is known for its world-famous wine, and its vineyards are a treat for wine connoisseurs. Besides the fine wines, there are magnificent castles, elegant chateau hotels, and a lush countryside to enjoy. You can stay in a 17th-century chateau hotel like Chateau de Vault-de-Lugny, which has a Michelin-starred restaurant and a world-renowned wine cellar. You can also visit Dijon, home to the iconic mustard and visit the food markets and gourmet shops.

Heading 3: The Loire Valley: Fairy tale chateau and Rich History
The Loire Valley, located in central France, is known for its gorgeous Chateaux, stately gardens, historic towns, and stunning countryside. The region is home to some of the most iconic castles in France, like the Chateau de Chambord, which served as inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle. You can stay in a castle like Chateau de la Barre, where each room is designed with luxury and elegance in mind, or Chateau d'Artigny, a 1920s-era castle turned into a luxurious hotel. Aside from the castles, the Loire Valley is rich in history and culture, with museums, theaters, and festivals, giving visitors an indulgent experience of France's charm and elegance.

Heading 4: Brittany: Coastal Beauty and Gastronomy
Brittany is the hidden treasure of France in the northwest corner of the country, with vast Sea-coasts, picturesque towns, medieval architecture and culinary delights like the famous crepes, oysters and seafood. The region is known for the rugged beauty of its coastline and its charming harbor towns like Saint-Malo, with its ancient walls, harbor, and creeks. For an authentic coastal holiday, there are many fishing villages, beaches and seafront cafes to discover. If you are a food lover, Brittany will not disappoint, apart from staple dishes like savory crepes or galettes, oysters are harvested in the bay of Morbihan, and you can visit one of the oyster farms and enjoy a freshly caught meal like crustacean bouillon and grilled lobster.

Heading 5: Champagne: Luxury Bubbles and Historic Towns
Champagne, the heartland of French champagne, is located in the northeast of France. The region offers breathtaking vineyards, sumptuous chateaus, and atmospheric towns like Reims, Epernay and Troyes brimming with history, culture and good food. The Maison Ruinart in Reims, established in 1729, offers tailor-made champagne tours and tasting blending tradition and innovation to produce the finest champagne. The vineyards are not the only attraction in Champagne; the region is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites, medieval cathedrals, and historic landmarks offering a fascinating glimpse into the past.

France is a luxury travel destination with many hidden gems. From the picturesque medieval towns of Saint-Paul-de-Venice to the stunning beaches of Brittany, there is no shortage of indulgent experiences to enjoy outside the capital city of Paris. The famous champagne region, breathtaking vineyards, and hiking in the Loire Valley castles are some of the top destinations for luxury travel. No matter where you choose to go, there is something for everyone in France beyond Paris.


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