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Fendi Cafe in Aventura Mall

December 21, 2022

Located on the lower level of Aventura Mall, the Fendi cafe is one of the most popular spots to grab a bite. The cafe offers a menu infused with local and Italian dishes. In addition to the high-end restaurant, you can also purchase a wide selection of leather goods, designer apparel, and accessories.

Pop-up store in Miami's Design District

For those who want to experience the latest from Fendi, the pop-up store is a great place to visit. Not only does the space feature the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, but it also includes leather accessories and the iconic Baguette bag.

The new cafe is a fusion of Italian gastronomy and luxury fashion. The menu features sandwiches, paninis, breakfast bites, and pastries. The coffee, tea, and cocktails are served in unique ways. And if you're feeling a little peckish, you can try avocado toast, grilled cheese, vegan empanadas, and all-day breakfast bites.

The restaurant is located across from the Fendi boutique in the Design District. Its yellow walls are adorned with multicolored FF Vertigo logos. And there are several tables dressed in custom settings. The tables are decorated with colorful sunset graphics, as well as takeaway elements like potted palms and upholstered stools.

The interior of the Fendi Caffe is bright and sunny. The space was designed by artist Sarah Coleman. It is reminiscent of a 1970s-style capsule collection.

Menu mix of local and Italian

One of the latest fashion to arrive in Miami's Design District is the Fendi pop-up cafe, which is set to occupy the ground floor of the OTL coffee shop and restaurant. In addition to providing guests with a range of drinks and food options, the cafe also has a bespoke FF Vertigo based concept.

The coffee and breakfast establishment will be serving up a menu of Italian and local favorites, including a signature FF logo based cappuccino, a selection of pastries, and a number of '70s inspired snacks. The Fendi Caffe is the ideal place to enjoy the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, which includes the iconic Baguette bag and leather accessories.

In addition to the coffee and breakfast establishment, the pop-up is also home to a number of other cool Fendi branded features, including a Peekaboo Bar, which will celebrate the brand's iconic bag, and an "It's a Peekaboo!" emblazoned Mini Peekaboo bag. The best part is that customers can make a free customisation using this limited edition Peekaboo bag!

Pop-up store in Aventura Mall

Fendi's pop-up store in Aventura Mall, Florida, opened for a four-day run last week. The brand enlisted a host of local talent, from musicians to designers to photographers, to highlight their latest collection.

The store's main floor features Isabel Marant Etoile, as well as a variety of accessories. The second floor is dedicated to menswear. The store's exterior is painted red and trimmed with silver crystal. The interior includes red clear panels on walls and a custom-designed silver crystal bed.

The "FF" logo adorns the menu and is a recognizable Fendi icon. Guests can sip coffee and enjoy baked goods served in the brand's packaging.

The cafe is a great way to experience the brand's spring 2022 collection. The space offers upholstered banquettes and a psychedelic scope version of the 'Vertigo' capsule collection. Also available are baked goods, pastries, and a coffee that is "shaded with the Fendi logo."

The cafe also features a monochromatic fiber-based print called Portrait (The Concept-Artist's Smoking Head). The restaurant is accompanied by an outdoor corridor that showcases shoes and accessories.

Limited run in Miami's Design District

There is a new, limited run Fendi cafe in Miami's Design District. The cafe has a menu that is a blend of Italian and local favorites, including avocado toast, grilled cheese, French toast, hot beverages and pastries. It also offers a selection of cocktails, including the "Soul Man," a tropical drink made with tequila blanco, strawberry rock candy, triple sec, tropical drops and fresh peaches and pineapple.

This cafe, which is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Sunday, is located in Miami's Design District, near Wynwood and Edgewater. Guests can get a sneak peak at the brand's upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

The interior of the cafe is decorated in signature yellow and features pieces from the brand's FF Vertigo Summer 2021 capsule collection. A hand-sketched version of the Fendi logo appears throughout the space.

The cafe also offers a limited menu of coffee and tea drinks. They are served in porcelain cups that feature a signature striped motif. The cafe is equipped with fans to keep the restaurant cool. The menu includes a variety of pastries wrapped in Fendi packaging.


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