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Design Thinking for the Good Kitchen

March 19, 2024

The Good Kitchen is a meal delivery service offering freshly cooked meals tailored to suit a range of dietary restrictions and preferences, including gluten allergies/intolerances/veganism or foods known to cause inflammation. While suitable for individuals without these dietary limitations or larger families alike, cost may become prohibitive due to limited meal selection.

The Good Kitchen used design thinking tools such as journey mapping, co-creation and experimentation to help senior citizens in Mussomeli improve both their menu and communications with each other. Their team created a modular meal packaging system so senior residents could customize their meals according to personal preferences; additionally they introduced newsletters and comments cards so it would be easier for residents to provide feedback directly to staff members.

Functionality is one of the cornerstones of any kitchen design, as a functional layout will facilitate movement from one area to the next and prevent clutter from taking up valuable space. When planning your kitchen design, be mindful of how people use your space and try including different work zones so as to create a more enjoyable cooking space for both yourself and guests.

Kitchen finishes play an integral part in creating the overall feel and appearance of your space, so selecting durable materials that will stand the test of time is paramount. Natural or neutral hues should be chosen for most surfaces while quality over quantity should be prioritized when purchasing appliances, cabinets and countertops - this will protect your investment over time while still giving you flexibility when making changes without overspending your budget.

The Good Kitchen adheres to stringent sourcing requirements and only uses grass-fed or grass-finished beef, pasture-raised eggs and lamb that adheres to Seafood Watch standards, in addition to purchasing organic produce on Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible.

The Good Kitchen serves as an impressive demonstration of how design thinking tools can be employed creatively to improve the lives of senior citizens, showing that even small changes can have a substantial effect on those reliant on welfare services. We applaud a company which values its customers while taking great pride in serving high-quality meals; hopefully more companies follow in its footsteps!


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