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Claudys Kitchen in Riverdale, California

March 29, 2024

claudys kitchen

Claudys Kitchen provides quick-service Peruvian cuisine in Riverdale neighborhood, owned by Claudia Berroa and Richard, who works as a paramedic. Claudia Berroa and Richard have enjoyed overwhelming support from the MC community and are committed to serving locals.

Many small business owners have experienced difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic, for instance in not qualifying for a Paycheck Protection Program loan.

Peruvian cuisine

Peru is well known for its exquisite cuisine. Dubbed auroral cuisine, Peru's food culture can be traced back to its inception. As an expression of culture and heritage, auroral cuisine boasts an impressive variety of foods from different ethnic backgrounds that reflect Peru's rich culinary tradition.

Richard believes the quality of food and service as one of the keys to their success, with Central and Maido among those holding top spots at The World's 50 Best Restaurants. Central is one of his favorites among Manhattan College community, while Maido stands alone among these lists in being at number 20. Manhattan College students love this restaurant too - Richard considers them one of their favorites too!

Restaurant Pisco offers takeout and dine-in Peruvian dishes on Tuesday through Thursday from 11 am to 8 pm; on Friday and Saturday it stays open until 9 pm.


Claudia Berroa was not a master chef when she first launched her restaurant business, but thanks to the confidence provided by her grandmother's recipes and Iron Chef reruns she soon started experimenting with and perfecting savory sauces, sweet empanadas, and irresistibly flavorful flan. Even with such limited experience at her disposal she has attracted loyal customers that continue patronizing her small operation.

Claudy's Kitchen faced many of the same difficulties during COVID-19 as other small businesses; like many Hispanic-owned restaurants across the nation. Yet Claudy's remains open today due to strong customer loyalty and support from Riverdale community.

At first, the couple sold their dishes at local street fairs and food vendors - where their empanadas and flan proved immensely popular - until masks became mandatory for New York residents. Once this step became necessary, however, they transitioned their services towards takeout and delivery services; thanks to already having developed an established distribution network among bodegas and grocery stores in New York city. Now customers can find these mouthwatering empanadas and delectable flans in 36 locations all around New York city.


Claudia learned how to cook from her grandmother, whom she credits as her primary teacher. Gradually, Claudia created her own delicious sauces and practiced by watching Iron Chef reruns. Once perfected, Claudia started selling them at local bodegas, grocery stores and food vendors.

Soon enough, Claudia and Richard made a name for themselves in Riverdale. By 2020 they had opened their own restaurant; today it remains an integral part of community life while they ship nationwide some products they produce.

Though the pandemic has made many small businesses suffer, Claudia and Richard have managed to weather it and maintain excellent service. They've shown their generosity by supporting Manhattan College community events as well as teaming up with Moms Feed the Bronx to donate meals to Friendly Fridge.


Claudy's Kitchen can accommodate your catering needs for events both large and small, whether small meetings or large conferences. They specialize in appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks as well as custom menu creation for each event based on customer preference. Their owners will work closely with you to determine the ideal catering solutions for your occasion.

Claudia credits much of her success to Manhattan College's assistance, in particular Robert Walsh - whom they first met through participating in the 1010 WINS Small Business Challenge and working together on initiatives such as Friendly Fridge and Moms Feed the Bronx; additionally they partner with bodegas and food vendors to sell their signature flans.


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