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Cinemark Paradise 24 and XD in Davie, Florida Upgrades Seating With Luxury Loungers

March 23, 2024

A lounger provides you with a cozy spot to sit back and watch movies comfortably. There are various options available depending on your needs and preferences; choose from ones designed to float in water or be placed on tanning ledges, materials such as soft fabrics versus sturdy and durable designs, cushioned backrests or armpads with cup holders - you even have options!

The luxurious Bass Paris Luxury Theater Seat features an ergonomically sculpted seat back with an articulated headrest and pillow top arms for luxurious comfort and a sophisticated profile. Additionally, this Luxury Lounger comes equipped with motorized recline technology - making it the ideal high-end cinema seat.

Cinemark Holdings Inc. announced today that Cinemark Paradise 24 and XD in Davie, Florida has upgraded its seating with Luxury Lounger electric recliners in every auditorium. In addition to these luxurious recliners, large wall-to-wall screens and enhanced sound systems with digital presentation can also be found throughout. Furthermore, special XD auditoriums come complete with ButtKicker and D-BOX seating which move the body to enhance audio/visual experience.

Cinemark and Dallas-based photographer Wade Griffith have collaborated to showcase the Luxury Loungers at this new theatre location. Griffith had already photographed several reclining chairs for an in-studio marketing campaign several years prior; therefore he was eager to expand on that work and participate in this two-day photo shoot, prior to which his team scouted various locations and created shot lists for each day of shooting; these images will then be used in future advertising and promotional campaigns by Cinemark across different markets across the United States. This month marks its roll out across various markets throughout this month across various markets around the United States!


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