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Cheap Magnificent Mile Parking

June 6, 2023

Parking costs can add up quickly when visiting a landmark, shopping at expensive stores or just strolling down Mag Mile - however there are ways you can secure cheap parking options.

Use Spacer to search and compare available long term parking spots nearby. Once you find one you like, reserve it online, and leave with an affordable parking pass!

1. One Magnificent Mile Garage

With so many shops, restaurants, and attractions on Magnificent Mile it can be challenging to find parking. Our simple online parking search makes this easy; simply adjust your desired days/times of parking to view updated prices; once you find an affordable spot simply reserve it using the click-to-reserve feature to complete registration for a parking pass!

North Michigan Avenue, more commonly known as Chicago's Magnificent Mile, is an internationally recognized tourist destination and commercial district. Boasting 13 blocks of world-renowned shopping and dining experiences along its historic streetscape, The Mag Mile draws crowds year-round.

One Magnificent Mile Garage provides some of the lowest online rates available in downtown Chicago and is within walking distance to numerous popular restaurants such as Spiagga Restaurant & Cafe and Doc B's Kitchen.

2. City Center Garage

City Center Garage offers convenient and discounted parking for those visiting One Magnificent Mile or Water Tower Place, offering discounted online reservations with special rates as well as being close to numerous restaurants like Doc B's Kitchen and Spiagga Restaurant & Cafe.

No matter the reason for visiting, finding affordable parking can be difficult on the Magnificent Mile. Spacer makes long term Magnificent Mile parking booking online much simpler; simply enter your dates and times when searching, click reserve when an option fits, and Spacer will handle contract, payment, and parking pass delivery for you - start searching today as spaces fill quickly!

3. Water Tower Place Garage

Water Tower Place, one of Chicago's iconic shopping strips, is an all-year destination. Offering everything from apparel shopping and restaurant dining to theater performances and much more besides, this mall has it all for any of your needs. Street parking can be pricey and limited; fortunately there is another way: Water Tower Place Garage.

ParkChirp can save money when parking at this garage by helping you reserve a space online before arriving - simply select your dates and times, find one nearby Water Tower Place and complete your reservation process!

The Water Tower Place Garage can be reached easily from N Michigan Avenue by taking Walton Street West and entering via its ramp, providing direct indoor access to Water Tower Place. It is open 24/7.

4. ParkChirp

ParkChirp was designed to assist parking facilities and operators sell online monthly and hourly parking at the lowest possible rates, without incurring costly transaction fees that they could pass directly on to consumers.

ParkChirp, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and clients nationwide, provides more than parking services; their solutions include revenue management, financial reporting and yield optimization.

ParkChirp not only provides competitive long term Magnificent Mile parking rates, but it also enables users to reserve spots by changing days and times, to find one that best meets their needs. Simply click a pin on the map or choose from our list to reserve and complete your booking!

ParkChirp worked with a building owner to establish a group discount program for tenants of their office space, providing convenient contactless parking at reduced costs for employees who only come into work occasionally or work varying schedules.


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