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Brutalism Graphic Design

February 19, 2023

Brutalism is a style of graphic design that is often used to create strong, simple and unique visual identities. Whether that be in the form of a website, social media profile or other digital content.

Unlike the mainstream current of graphic design, which is becoming repetitive and bland, brutalism can help to break the mold by allowing brands and products to be truly original in their approach. Instead of using the same colors, buttons and photography that everyone else is using, some big companies are taking their cues from this trend to make their websites and products stand out and be more memorable.

It’s a Style of Web Design

Originally a style of architecture that defiantly ignored most of the rules of design and layout, brutalism is now becoming popular in the world of web design. Although it’s not an easy design style to implement, brutalism is a fun and challenging way to create a site that is different from all the others.

In the past, many brutalist designs were a combination of traditional layout principles and super-high contrast, solid, often purposefully clashing colors. However, today, the term brutalism has come to refer to a new breed of design that’s less about breaking rules and more about rebelling against oversimplified interfaces.

The word brutalism is derived from the French beton brut, which translates to “raw concrete.” It was first used in art and architecture during the 1950s. It’s a term that was used to describe the works of a variety of artists and architects, but the name is especially well-known for the designs that are associated with it.

Its Rugged and Unpolished Nature

One of the reasons that brutalism is so popular in web design is that it’s a style of design that is more rustic and unpolished than other styles. This is due to the fact that brutalism is an extremely simple and effective way of expressing strength. It can be difficult to convey this strength through words alone, but with a well-designed website, you can do just that.

It Can Also Increase Conversions

According to Webdesigner Depot’s Marc Schenker, a purely brutalist style of design can actually increase conversion rates. In a post that discusses the benefits of this style, he cites studies that show that a website that uses this design approach can reduce bounce rates and boost conversions.

It Can Be Easily Implemented

The key to successfully implementing brutalism is ensuring that your key principles of design aren’t compromised. Generally, this means not going too crazy with your design and keeping it to something that will sit well with the average user.

It Can Become a Style of UXdesign

If you want to get into the world of web design but don’t have the time or budget for it, brutalism is a great option. It can be a very fun and creative way to experiment with your site and see how people react to it.

It Can Be a Way to Put Your True Self Online

While some may find the idea of a website that is super-stripped down and void of all decoration appealing, it’s important to remember that brutalism can also be a bit depressing. This is especially true if the site isn’t designed well. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent option for brands who don’t feel comfortable with their brand identity yet and who want to try to put their real selves online.


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