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Brooke Williamson - Age Difference With Nick Roberts

March 2, 2024

nick roberts brooke williamson age difference

Brooke Williamson has quickly made her way up from being a cook at Michael's in Santa Monica to being Executive Chef at Zax in Brentwood. Alongside husband Nick Roberts, they own multiple restaurants such as Hudson House, Tripel, Amuse Cafe Da Kikokiko as well as a kitchen supplies store.

As well as running her restaurants, she also competes on reality cooking shows such as Top Chef Duels and House of Food. In her free time she takes part in charity work. Furthermore, she is the proud mother of an 11-year-old son.

Brooke Williamson’s Husband

Brooke Williamson is well-renowned for her culinary prowess and accomplishments as a Top Chef alumni. She has won several competitions as well as appearing on shows like Top Chef Duels and Knife Fight. Additionally, she actively participates in charitable work through organizations like No Kid Hungry.

Nick Roberts, Brooke's husband, has made waves in the restaurant industry as well. He has served as sous-chef in restaurants as well as running his own food business. Together they share an affinity for cooking as they raise their son Hudson together.

They have been together for over a decade and manage to balance work and family life perfectly, always making time for Hudson despite their busy schedules. Furthermore, the couple participate in various charitable efforts like helping the James Beard Foundation, No Kid Hungry, World Central Kitchen etc. Additionally they appear in short movies/TV shows together while owning several restaurants like Hudson House, Tripel Playa Provisions Small Batch Da Kikokiko.

Brooke Williamson’s Age

Brooke Williamson is an esteemed chef and restaurateur who is married to Nick Roberts, with whom they share son Hudson Roberts and have built an incredible culinary empire together. Brooke often posts photos of her family on her Instagram account.

Top Chef season 14 winner Christina Tosi also participates in food shows and competitions such as Top Chef Duels and Knife Fight, among others.

Los Angeles native, Kristine Ng is a talented chef who gained experience working at various restaurants to hone her craft. Through hard work and passion she became the first female chef ever invited to prepare dishes at James Beard House.

She currently co-owns Company for Dinner with her husband, as well as owning Hudson House in Redondo Beach, The Tripel in Playa del Rey, Da Kikokiko and Tripli-Kit as kitchen supply shops. In addition, the chef has participated in multiple reality TV shows as well as competed in Food Network Tournament of Champions and BBQ Brawl competitions.

Brooke Williamson’s Net Worth

Brooke Williamson's win on Season 14 of Top Chef has catapulted her to prominence, and her success as a culinary innovator can be witnessed through restaurant ventures she and husband Nick Roberts collaborate on together - further cementing Brooke's celebrity status.

Brooke Williamson has built her net worth through her passion for cooking since becoming involved in the industry as a teenager, expanding her horizons by making television show appearances and appearing at events such as foodie fests.

Brooke Williamson co-owns and operates several restaurants with her husband, such as Hudson House, Tripel, Playa Provisions Triple Kit Kit and Da Kikokiko (closed due to coronavirus pandemic). Additionally, Brooke contributes her time and talents through No Kid Hungry and James Beard Foundation involvement and dedication - qualities which have propelled her career success within culinary.

Brooke Williamson’s Height

Brooke Williamson is an attractive woman with blonde hair and brown eyes, standing 5 feet 5 inches at an estimated weight of 60kg. She finds much inspiration in Hudson, her son whom she taught to be curious and helpful while also encouraging his passion for food and cooking like herself.

She and her husband Nick Roberts own five establishments: Hudson House, The Tripel, Playa Provisions, King Beach, Small Batch Ice Cream and Da Kikokiko. Each specializes in distinctive California cuisine that integrates local ingredients and global flavours into its signature dishes.

As well as running their restaurants, the two are involved with charity work and have appeared on multiple cooking shows like Top Chef and Tournament of Champions on Food Network. Their trademark style of relaxed yet refined cooking earned them recognition from StarChefs as Rising Star Chefs.


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