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Baltimore Architecture - Timeless and Contemporary

March 29, 2023

Baltimore Architecture

Baltimore boasts an eclectic architectural landscape, from Federal-style row houses to grand Beaux-Arts museums. Thanks to historic preservation efforts, many of Baltimore's older buildings remain intact - offering visitors a rare opportunity to admire this incredible collection of architecture.

Baltimore City Hall, one of America's earliest and best-preserved Second Empire government architecture examples, is a must-see for visitors to the city. Designed by George A. Frederick in 1875, it remains one of its most iconic structures today.

While not as grandiose as the Corcoran Gallery in Washington or Philadelphia City Hall, this Second Empire architectural gem still showcases white marble detailing, intricate carvings and sculptures.

The Georgian style, which dates from King George's reign, was widely popular in Maryland and Baltimore. This architecture features low-pitched roofs and elongated facades with decorative cornices and moldings.

Other architectural styles worth noting include Beaux-Arts, Art Deco, and Neo-Georgian. All were popular during the mid-19th century when Baltimore was a commercial powerhouse that attracted many high-income families.

Another interesting destination to visit is Brookeville's historic district, a small town with homes from the early and mid-1800s. It also has numerous churches that showcase Gothic-Revival architecture and other details.

Doors Open Baltimore, the city's premier architecture event, returns on Saturday, October 7. This year's theme is "The Built Environment," providing visitors with an opportunity to explore Baltimore's built environment through tours, lectures, educational programs, exhibitions, and more.


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