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A House With Lake View in Pietraferrazzana in Italy

January 4, 2023

Located in the beautiful Province of Chieti in Italy, Pietraferrazzana is a picturesque village where you can find the perfect House with Lake View. This house is fully restored, offering guests with a warm and cozy atmosphere. With its brick walls and stone, this house has plenty of character and charm. The view of the lake is spectacular and you can enjoy it right from your own backyard. Whether you are planning to relax and take in the scenic views or spend a day exploring the town, the house can make it a memorable stay.

The main level of the house has a dining room, living room, kitchen, and a full bathroom. A screened porch is great for year-round entertaining, while a large yard provides ample space for children to play. In addition, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the lake from the upper deck.

While this house has a contemporary style, it is also a very comfortable home. It is situated on a slope, making the most of the stunning view of Lake Washington. Also, the house has several rooms that can be used as bedrooms. As a matter of fact, you can even rent the entire house and not only have a private home, but you can also enjoy the shared living area.

Other features of this house include: a fenced yard, a screened porch, a gourmet barbecue, and a fireplace. You will also find a TV, free WiFi, and a shared lounge. Another great feature is that the house can accommodate up to 10 people. Guests can use the property's laundry facilities. Guests can enjoy the nearby amenities, such as Onanda Park, which is just two miles away. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the house's snow skiing services.

If you are planning a vacation on Maltakva, the House with Lake view can be a great choice for you. This is because the location of the house allows travelers to explore the island. Furthermore, the house is near the Atlantic road, so you can enjoy a wide range of activities. Besides, the house offers free private parking and linens.

The property has four bedrooms. Moreover, it has two bathrooms, a gourmet barbecue, and a porch. Additionally, the house has a full kitchen and a pantry. Lastly, the house has an office. Those who love canoeing will have a fun time at the lakeside. Those who love traveling will definitely be happy with the House with Lake view.

Those who like swimming can also enjoy the pool on the main terrace. Alternatively, if you prefer to entertain on the outside, you can use the sweeping back porch to maximize the views of the waterfront. Moreover, a 100-foot beach is available for your convenience. Lastly, you can take advantage of the free bike services and free linens offered by the House with Lake view.

If you are looking for a beautiful home with a beautiful view, you should check out the House with Lake view near the Atlantic road. You can enjoy the spacious and modern country house with a splendid view of Valle de Bravo lake.


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